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Rappers and Singers signed and unsigned alike need dope beats.  Well we got you covered.  We are your #1 source for high quality instrumentals online!  Having the right beats to compliment your sound and vision are essential in the entertainment business.  Let our talent and expertise help push your career forward and break through the noise.

So you have written the greatest song of all times and know if the right people hear it they will know its a hit.  The only thing missing is the perfect beat to compliment the lyrics while leaving enough room for the vocals.  So off to buy a beat you go, but what license do you get once you find that perfect beat?  Do you buy exclusive rights or do you lease the beat?

If your an independent artist leasing the beat may be the better way to go.  It tends to be a lot easier on your wallet allowing you to use the remainder of your allotted recording budget across recording, artwork, and marketing costs, etc.

For instance, a typical lease price for a beat can range from $19 to $49 in most cases.  Most of these lease agreements allow you to sell up to a few thousand copies before renewing the license for additional sales.  You always have the option to go back and buy the exclusive rights to the beat if the song blows up or a record label decides to use the song for major distribution.

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Not only do we offer beats for lease and exclusive use we also offer free versions of all our beats.  You are allowed to use any of these beats for background music in informative Youtube videos, mixtapes, and other non-profit purposes.

All we ask is that you do not remove the tag at the start of the free beat ad that credit must be given to “The Beatmisers”.

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Finding the perfect beat for your next project couldn’t be easier.  We are here with you all the way.  If you need help click the box in the bottom right corner.

Sound Kits and Sample Packs

Check out our Sound Kits and Sample Packs in our online store.  The kits and sample packs are high quality, royalty free and ready to use in your productions.

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